Denim Day: A fight against breast cancer

This is to document our surgical clinic's participation in the fight against breast cancer by supporting Lee National Denim Day on Friday, October 6. Give $5, wear denim and a pink bow lapel pin to work, and support the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Programs.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Your Donations At Work

Through our new partnership with the Women's Cancer Programs of EIF, the dollars donated through Lee National Denim Day will directly fund the early detection and treatment research and community breast cancer programs detailed below.

Your dollars directly support major research initiatives at seven of the leading research institutions in the countryThe following institutions will all have a new lab called the LEE JEANS LABORATORY for Translational Breast Cancer Research:

Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, Md.
Harvard University – Cambridge, Mass.
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, Texas
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – Los Angeles, Calif. YAY!!!
University of Chicago – Chicago, Ill.
University of Washington – Seattle, Wash.
Vanderbilt University – Nashville, Tenn.
The seven institutions are working together – a first in the research world – and Lee National Denim Day funding will help dramatically increase the rate at which laboratory breakthroughs can be translated to more effective therapies for patients.

Lee National Denim Day funds will support the EIF Breast Biomarker Discovery Project – a multi-year effort led by world-class scientists to develop a blood test for the early detection of breast cancer. This project is an unprecedented collaboration between nationally and internationally recognized scientific leaders focused on a singular goal – to discover biomarkers that can detect breast cancer when it can be cured.

Funds collected through Lee National Denim Day will also allow the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund to create a unique multi-media web-based and print resource dedicated to providing individuals with breast cancer, those at risk, and their families and friends all the tools they need to make informed decisions about all issues in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. This resource will allow them to become advocates for themselves and others.